Electrical Heaters

Explore Al Bashiti Depot’s Electrical Heaters collection for efficient and powerful heating solutions. From the compact 1800W models to the robust 3200W units, find the perfect electrical heater to keep your space warm and comfortable. Shop now Electrical Heaters from Al Bashiti Depot!

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Carbon Fiber Electrical Heater

45.00 JD
2 Heating Settings : 1000W /2400W

Carbon Fiber Electrical Heater

25.75 JD
2 Heating Settings : 500W / 1000W

Electrical Heater 2000W

25.00 JD
5 Heating Settings : 400W / 800W / 1200W / 1600W /2000W

Electrical Heater 2400W

22.00 JD
2400W Heater Lamp 3x800W Supported With Tip Over Safety Cut Out Switch Reflector Made of Anti-Rusting Stainless Steel Material