Fire Rated Safes

Explore our range of fire-rated safes at Al Bashiti Depot. Our fire-rated safes are designed to protect your valuable possessions from fire damage & theft. We offer a variety of sizes and weights to meet your specific requirements. Choose from digital safes, digital double safes, and digital filing cabinet safes. With their durable construction and advanced security features, our fire-rated safes provide you with peace of mind and reliable protection for your important belongings.

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Digital Safe (Korea) 37kg

235.00 JD
Outside SizeSize H*W*D (cm) 31*42*35.5

Digital Safe (Korea) 57kg

275.00 JD
Outside Size H*W*D (cm) 36*49*42.5

Digital Safe (Korea) 57kg

275.00 JD
Outside Size H*W*D (cm) 50*35*42.5

Digital Safe (Korea) 63kg

350.00 JD
Outside Size H*W*D (cm) 53*43.5*44

Digital Safe (Korea) 90kg

460.00 JD
Outside Size H*W*D (cm) 62*46*46

Digital Safe (Korea) 105kg

525.00 JD
Outside Size H*W*D (cm) 67*50*47

Digital Safe (Korea) 140kg

625.00 JD
Outside Size H*W*D (cm) 75*53*50.5

Digital Safe (Korea) 180kg

700.00 JD
Outside Size H*W*D (cm) 88*59*50.5

Digital Safe (Korea) 210kg

775.00 JD
Outside Size H*W*D (cm) 10*60*53

Digital Safe (Korea) 270kg

975.00 JD
Outside Size H*W*D (cm) 118.5*70*63

Digital Safe (Korea) 335kg

1,275.00 JD
Outside Size H*W*D (cm) 138.5*70*63

Digital Safe (Korea) 425kg

1,500.00 JD
Outside Size H*W*D (cm) 158.5*80*63

Digital Safe (Korea) 485kg

1,600.00 JD
Outside Size H*W*D (cm) 168.5*80*63

Digital Double Safe (Korea) 190kg

1,050.00 JD
Outside Size H*W*D (cm) 88*59*50.5